Why Choose Averta?

Because the needs of your business are always ahead of our own. Our goal is to save your business and your employees time and money.

Why choose Averta Insurance Solutions over the other guys?

"I highly recommend the professional insurance services provided by Sean Roy at Averta Insurance Solutions to any business owner. Partnering with Sean at Averta has helped our business operate more efficiently, allowing us to expand our business and streamline our HR and employee management. He really cares about the success of our business and our employees. His services really do help our business and our employees save time and money."
~ Emmanuel Cruz, General Manager

"Sean Roy at Averta Insurance Solutions has become a significant and dedicated asset to our business and to our employees, providing added value above and beyond what we originally expected from an employee benefits insurance agent. Sean provides a fully licensed HRIS and employee management software platform from Employee Navigator™ to our business at no cost. Sean helps with our healthcare compliance, COBRA services, ACA and employee reporting, turnover solutions, benefits admin and enrollment, new-hire onboarding, and so much more. His added-value services and solutions truly save our business and our employees time and money."
~ Andrew Marsh, Director, HR and Legal Affairs

"Sean Roy at Averta Insurance Solutions always makes himself available to provide employee benefits education. He strives to make sure all of our employees understand and utilize the benefits that are available to them. He offers in-person benefits education services, a benefits education video library, email, text and phone support. He also offers private online web meetings to help educate our employees on their benefits options. He is available during off-hours and even on the weekends when any type of help or support is needed. His services are very much appreciated."
~ Bryce Barnett, General Manager

"I was trying to schedule an eye doctor appointment and could not remember the name of my provider. I called Sean Roy at Averta Insurance, expecting to reach voicemail (it was a Saturday) and in a few rings Sean picked up the phone. Sean got me the information I needed in a couple of minutes and stayed in constant communication with me until I was successfully able to schedule my appointment. Sean’s patience, understanding, and genuine desire to help others is greatly appreciated. I am very impressed with the quality of service I continue to receive from Averta Insurance and I would highly recommend them to anyone."
~ Diego Figueroa, General Manager

"Sean Roy at Averta Insurance Solutions continuously provides valued services and support in so many ways, in addition to the typical employee benefits insurance services that we were previously used to. Sean provides significant savings to our business and our employees, and has helped reduce our employee turnover costs by formulating a tailored employee benefits package that suits our employee’s needs and aligns with our business goals and applications."
~ Scott Barnett, Director of New Markets

Averta provides a written timeline of monthly services that come at no cost to your business. These services provide instant value to your business, illustrating our committment to you as our valued client. These monthly services are included in our Efficiency, Growth and Savings program which is designed to save your business time and money. Our efficiency solutions will help you manage your HR, employees, benefits, enrollment, administration, and your healthcare compliance.

Price is extraordinarily important when it comes to providing your employee benefits. Once we become your employee benefits insurance servicing partner, we will continually negotiate on your behalf with the carriers for best pricing in medical and voluntary benefits options year after year. Full disclosures with all carriers will be made at all times in an effort to save you money. Our employee benefits insurance solutions will also help reduce your associated costs in turnover, saving your business tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, each year.

Enjoy your own dedicated account access and use of our licensed industry-leading software platform (Employee Navigator™) to better manage your employees, employee onboarding, employee benefits, administration, HR, healthcare compliance and much more! Visit www.employeenavigator.com for an un-biased preview of the full suite of products and services that you will have at your disposal through our program. Streamline and digitize your business today to save time in the future with tedious tasks that take countless hours of effort each week. This added-value service alone, is a significant value for your business provided at no cost through our Efficiency, Growth and Savings program.

Tired of training your employees for their next job? Let Averta help you save time and money by reducing the hard and soft costs associated with your employee turnover rate. Your business most likely monitors its spending on advertising, production, and even your workspace - among other things. But you may not have a grasp on how much employee turnover is costing you - and even worse - it may be costing you more than you realize. Turnover impacts profitability, so it is important that you focus on employee retention. Focusing on employee retention translates to an increase in production, consistency, your bottom line, your business’ reputation and the culture and morale of your valued employees. Schedule a call or meeting with Averta to calculate your exact costs of turnover per employee.

Averta has an extensive background in design, marketing and technology which can be used as a tool to help elevate your brand's awareness. We will assist your marketing team with its ongoing social and print campaigns and can help with your apparel design too! Let us help with design issues, digital marketing and advertising, even content management to get your brand and business noticed more.

Averta has a strong desire to be a contributing factor in the success of your business. Averta provides reliable and intuitive medical and voluntary benefits options for you and your employees that are all backed by the leading carriers throughout the employee benefits insurance marketplace. Averta provides continued benefits education for your valued employees, available any time upon request. We want your valued employees to fully understand, appreciate and utilize the benefits options that are available to them.

Averta serves the cannabis industry with tailored employee benefits savings, efficiency management services, and positive growth solutions. We are well aware of the issues facing your cannabis business today and we are doing everything we can to help you save money where and when you can. We offer full transparency on the employee benefits insuring process. You will always know why certain plans and policies are presented to you for purchase, never based on commission or carrier rewards or bonus structures. Your savings is what matters to us most.

Averta provides tailored employee benefits insurance solutions to veteran-owned businesses, and to the businesses that provide the much needed services to our nation’s veterans and their family members. What we are all about is in our name: AVERTA seeks to provide American Veterans Employer Rates Through Association. We'd like to see that every veteran service employer group gets the best rates possible for their medical insurance.