Averta proudly serves our veteran communities

Averta provides tailored insurance solutions to veteran-owned businesses and to businesses that provide valued services to our nation's veterans.

If we all put our strengths together, we can help preserve veteran-owned businesses and the businesses that provide valued services to our nation’s veterans.

What we are all about is in our name: AVERTA seeks to provide American Veterans Employer Rates Through Association. We'd like to see that every American veteran gets the best rates possible for their medical insurance.

According to a recent census study, in 2019 there were more than 252,000 veteran-owned businesses providing products and services throughout California. Approximately 24% of these veteran-owned businesses have had to close their doors permanently in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these businesses can no longer afford general business essentials like employee salaries, rent, healthcare benefits, and day-to-day operating expenses.

It is projected by the end of 2020, 10.1 million people will no longer have employer-sponsored health insurance or coverage that was tied to a job that they lost during the pandemic. (Source: The Urban Institue and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

Averta seeks to help these veteran service and veteran-owned businesses take off in a better way with our next-generation insurance benefits solutions. The tailored employee benefits options we provide will retain and incentivize your newly hired employees for years to come. Averta will always negotiate with our carriers, making sure you are given the lowest possible rates with the maximum coverage. Averta will always provide education on your benefits options, ensuring your valued employees understand and utilize the benefits that are available and offered to them. Our tailored insurance solutions will save you time and money, allowing your business to run more efficiently.

Enrolling and renewing annual policies is not the end of our insurance services program by any means. Our no-cost monthly timeline of insurance services keeps us working with your business month after month, year after year, making sure your benefits, employees and HR are better managed and streamlined.

Not only does our program provide significant savings in annual premiums, it also helps your business run more efficiently with access to our industry-leading software platform Employee Navigator™ (at no cost to your business). This intuitive software platform provides employee management, advanced HR tools, compliance regulation, enrollment services, benefits administration and more! This platform will streamline and digitize your business today, allowing you to save time in the immediate future from the tedious HR tasks that take countless hours of work each week.

If you are not familiar with Employee Navigator™, we strongly encourage you to visit www.employeenavigator.com for an un-biased preview of the full suite of products and services that you will have at your disposal through our program.

• Benefit Administration
• HR/Employee Management
• New Hire Onboarding
• Integrated Payroll
• Asset Tracking
• And more...

This alone is a significant VALUE and savings for your business. Incorporating this software platform into your business operation will provide a streamlined, integrated set of tools, allowing your business to run much more efficiently.

Our employer group insurance services program also includes a service model that uses social media to increase your sales and elevate your brand’s awareness.

The following document is an overview of our Efficiency, Growth and Savings Program designed for veteran-owned and veteran service businesses. This overview also shows an example of our monthly timeline of services. Click the image below to view this document.

Connect with an Averta agent today to learn more about our veteran insurance services.