Averta Insurance Solutions offers tailored employer group employee insurance benefits to the cannabis industry
Averta Insurance Solutions offers tailored employer group employee insurance benefits to the cannabis industry

Averta proudly serves the cannabis industry!

Averta serves the cannabis industry with tailored employee benefits savings, efficiency management services, and positive growth solutions.

Averta’s no-cost insurance services are helping cannabis businesses manage their employees, employee benefits, HR and healthcare compliance in order to thrive in today's economy.

Until the “Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States Act” [ or “STATES Act” ] is passed, cannabis businesses do not have the luxury of enjoying regular business operating tax deductions on their employee benefits that almost all other businesses take advantage of today. This translates to an employer within the cannabis industry having to pay the 50% minimum contribution on all employee medical benefits, with $0.00 deduction for all premiums paid each month. With all of the taxes already in place for the cannabis industry, this lack of deduction, or savings, can truly make an impact on your bottom line.

Your Averta employee benefits insurance agent is well aware of the issues facing your cannabis business today. Labor and theft issues... bank and credit union services... or lack thereof... the high costs you endure to insure your business in general... as well as the tax deduction restraints that exist in your industry, just to name a few. So we’d like to help you save where you can and as much as you can, while maintaining your healthcare compliance and enhancing your HR and employee management at the same time.

Enrolling and renewing annual policies is not the end of our insurance services program by any means. Our monthly timeline of insurance services keeps us working with your business month after month, year after year, making sure your benefits, employees and HR are better managed and streamlined.

Not only does our program provide significant savings in annual premiums, it also helps your business run more efficiently with access to our industry-leading software platform Employee Navigator™ (at no cost to your business). This intuitive software platform provides employee management, advanced HR tools, compliance regulation, enrollment services, benefits administration and more! This platform will streamline and digitize your business today, allowing you to save time in the immediate future from the tedious HR tasks that take countless hours of work each week.

If you are not familiar with Employee Navigator™, we strongly encourage you to visit www.employeenavigator.com for an un-biased preview of the full suite of products and services that you will have at your disposal through our program.

• Benefit Administration
• HR/Employee Management
• New Hire Onboarding
• Integrated Payroll
• Asset Tracking
• And more...

This alone is a significant VALUE and savings for your business. Incorporating this software platform into your business operation will provide a streamlined, integrated set of tools, allowing your business to run much more efficiently.

Our employer group insurance services program also includes a service model that uses social media to increase your sales and elevate your brand’s awareness.

The following document is an overview of our Efficiency, Growth and Savings Program designed for the cannabis industry. This overview also shows an example of our monthly timeline of services. Click on the image below to view this document.

Cannabis Insurance Services • Featured Client

Averta Insurance Solutions is proud to provide its tailored employee benefits insurance and management services for the Rove Brand™. We look forward to working together as their employee benefits insurance account servicing partner for many years to come as they expand their presence in the cannabis space. If you are not familiar with the Rove Brand™, we encourage you to visit their website to learn more about their exciting business.


Services Testimonial

"Sean Roy at Averta Insurance Solutions has become a significant and dedicated asset to our business and to our employees, providing added value above and beyond what we originally expected from an employee benefits insurance agent. Sean provides a fully licensed HRIS and employee management software platform from Employee Navigator™ to our business at no cost. Sean helps with our healthcare compliance, COBRA services, ACA and employee reporting, turnover solutions, benefits admin and enrollment, new-hire onboarding, and so much more. His added-value services and solutions truly save our business and our employees time and money."
~ Andrew Marsh, Director, HR and Legal Affairs, Rove Brand™, CA

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