It's not just about your employee benefits...

When you partner with Averta, it's about helping your business and your valued employees save time and money!

Why partner with Averta as your dedicated employee benefits account servicing partner?

Oh yeah... Did we mention integrated payroll services within our benefits enrollment, onboarding and administration platform - creating a single source for data input?

Your business gains instant value, receiving all of these services and solutions at no cost.

Our goal is to help your business and employees save time and money!

Our no-cost insurance services will:

In a nutshell, when you partner with Averta to manage your employee benefits servicing accounts, your business and your employees will save time and money!

Did you know...

You do NOT have to wait until your next open enrollment period to switch to Averta. Your employee benefits are on a month-to-month contract.

Your business will receive full use of our licensed "Elite" HRIS software platform (Employee Navigator™) to better manage your HR, employees, onboarding, benefits options, administration, and much much more.

You won't have to keep training your employees for their next job! Averta will help reduce your turnover and increase your employee satisfaction.

When you choose Averta Insurance Solutions to handle your employee benefits accounts, you have selected an agency that has access to all of the leading carriers, yet has no allegiance to any single one. Broker incentives, rewards and bonus structures do not determine which plans or benefits options we present to our clients for purchase. Your satisfaction and savings are more important to us than a higher paid carrier commission. Your business will receive the lowest rates for the maximum coverage.

Your employees will finally understand their benefits options. We continuously educate your employees so they fully understand what is and what is not covered in their benefits options.

Employee benefits are no longer a one-size-fits-all solution. Your benefits options will be tailored for your business and for the needs of your employees.

You have nothing to lose, only to gain, when partnering with Averta. Our Efficiency, Growth & Savings program adds instant value to your business.

If you are not familiar with Employee Navigator™, we strongly encourage you to visit for an un-biased preview of the full suite of products and services that you will have at your disposal through our program.

• Benefit Administration
• HR/Employee Management
• New Hire Onboarding
• Integrated Payroll
• Asset Tracking
• And more...

This included program asset alone is a significant VALUE and SAVINGS for your business. Incorporating this software platform into your business operation will provide a streamlined, integrated set of tools, allowing your business to run much more efficiently and save you time and money.

The following document is an overview of our unique Efficiency, Growth & Savings program. Click the file below to view.

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