About Averta

Averta Insurance Solutions was founded specifically to help your business save time and money with our Efficiency, Growth and Savings program.

Averta Insurance Solutions has one main business goal in mind:

Averta's main business goal is to provide instant value to your business and employees, helping your business save time and money!

We save your business money in annual employee benefits premiums by listening to your specific business needs. We then formulate a tailored medical and voluntary benefits plan design to fit the goals and applications of your business operation. This formulated plan design also helps eliminate the hard and soft costs associated with turnover, which will also help save you money. The employee benefits options we provide will keep your employee satisfaction and ranking high, which translates to an increase in production.

We save your business time and help it run more efficiently with our industry-leading technology and compliance solutions, an intuitive HR and employee management software platform, and top-shelf customer service for you and all of your valued employees. The use of our software platform will also save you money by reducing costs in employee production, eliminating many of the tasks that take countless hours of effort each week to complete.

Averta's unique Efficiency, Growth and Savings Program provides instant value to your business. You'll be happy to know that participation in our program comes at no cost to your business as well! Your business will receive our written monthly timeline of valued services, exclusive access to our licensed industry-leading software platform; Employee Navigator™, and valued savings on your annual employee benefits premiums. Your business will also receive professional assistance with our design, marketing and advertising services, a tailored voluntary employee benefits plan design, and continued benefits education for your valued employees.

Browse our website to see what we can do for your business. Give us a call 90-120 days before you renew your current employee benefits options, to allow us to present our tailored employee benefits solutions to your business. You’ll be glad you did!

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